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2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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LIN 410 - Ethical Decision Making in ASL/English Interpreting

This course explores critical thinking skills regarding ethical decision making using a number of approaches within the set of models that explore “right versus right” dilemmas. Students learn to identify ethical issues, gather information, identify principles that may inform decisions, generate lists of possible decisions and examine them in terms of consequences, determine best alternatives based upon reflection and reason, make choices that direct action, and evaluate the outcomes of the actions they take. Working as a community of inquiry and practice, members of the class engage in dialogue with others examining ethical dilemmas, learning to appreciate the viewpoints of others, and broadening their perspectives. Among a variety of principles that influence ethical decision making, students examine the RID-NAD Code of Professional Conduct. They compare it with similar documents within the field of interpreting as well as codes from other fields.

Prerequisite(s): LIN 332 , LIN 333 , or LIN 334 ENG 100  or equivalent for all students; for students admitted fall 2021 or later: ENG 102  or equivalent (may be concurrent), or non-degree students; OR permission of instructor (for students without ASL or interpreting background who can demonstrate experience in other areas involving ethical decision making).
Credits: 3

Meets the Following Core Requirement: Ethical Inquiry, Social Responsibility, and Citizenship; Writing, Reading, and Inquiry 3
Course Typically Offered: Spring
Course Type: Linguistics

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