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2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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Chair of the Department: Shelton Waldrep, 325 Luther Bonney, Portland

Professors: Bertram, Kuenz, Muthyala, Peters, Raimon, Waldrep; Associate Professors: Swartz, Tussing, Walker; Assistant Professor: Ouellette; Emeritus: Ashley, Gish, McGrath

The USM English major is devoted to the study of language, literature, and culture. Focusing upon the British and American literary traditions, the major exposes students to a range of literature in different historical eras.

The major encourages both the analysis of literary form and the study of literature in its historical and cultural contexts. Students learn how to read in the light of contemporary critical theories and in relation to the tools, texts, and theories of other academic disciplines. Many classes provide opportunities for the study of non-literary cultural texts and practices such as film, television, fashion, and ritual.

The English major teaches students how to see the world from multiple perspectives and exposes them to a large array of content that comes from both within and outside of a university setting. The most distinctive skill the major develops is critical expository writing. Virtually every course requires substantial writing from students, ranging from a weekly short paper to longer research papers.

Prerequisites and Course Waivers

ENG 100 - College Writing  and ENG 102 - Academic Writing  or its equivalent is a prerequisite for any English language or literature course, including ENG 140 . ESL 100  satisfies this requirement for non-native speakers of English. ENG 140  or permission of the instructor is a prerequisite for ENG 245 . For English majors, ENG 245  is a prerequisite for Capstone Seminars. ENG 201  or instructor permission is a prerequisite for all 300- and 400-level creative writing courses. Certain advanced courses, as indicated in the course listings, and all independent studies require the permission of the instructor.

Non-majors and students with special interests are encouraged to seek the instructor’s permission to take any course for which they feel qualified. ENG 140  may be waived for transfer students with certain literature course credits.

Semester Course Guides

Every semester the Department publishes a course guide that gives more detailed information, including texts and writing requirements, than the undergraduate catalog can accommodate. Students are urged to obtain a copy of the guide in the office of the Department of English or visit our website for a pdf of the latest copy.

Degree in English with Distinction

For a B.A. degree in English with Distinction, a student must achieve a 3.33 GPA or better average in all English courses.

Learning Outcomes

Every major will:

  1. produce a substantial body of analytical writing that uses evidence and employs formal standard written English to make a focused argument.
  2. read a range of complex cultural texts and exhibit a knowledge of different genres and literary history.
  3. use advanced research tools and knowledge of basic literary terms to compile, evaluate, and document appropriate primary and secondary sources for a substantial capstone project.
  4. critically examine and synthesize multiple, complex, often contradictory arguments and perspectives.
  5. demonstrate knowledge and comprehension of texts and traditions of language and literature written in English as well as their social, cultural, theoretical and historical contexts.

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