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2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog 
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Accelerated Graduate Pathway to MBA

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Why Consider an Accelerated Pathway to the MaineMBA Program?

This program provides students from all majors at the University of Southern Maine (USM) the opportunity for favorable admissions and dual-enrollment opportunities with the University of Maine MBA (MaineMBA). The USM student can choose from the online MaineMBA or the on-campus MaineMBA, with the admission criteria being the same for either program.  This Accelerated Graduate Pathway provides:

1.)    Streamlined admissions

2.)    Application fees waived

3.)    Possible GRE/GMAT waiver

4.)    TOEFL waived for international applicants

5.)    Consideration for the George F. Naumann and John M. Webber Scholarships

6.)    Up to 6 credits of graduate coursework applied to undergraduate degree requirements

Admission Requirements

  1. Undergraduate cumulative GPA of 3.0

  2. Earned a B- or better* in MBA foundational skills courses, including:

    1. ECO 101  Macroeconomics and ECO 102   Microeconomics or similar coursework covering macro and microeconomic principles.

    2. MAT 210   Business Statistics or similar course in statistics~

    3. ACC 110   Financial Accounting Information for Decision Making and ACC 211   Managerial Accounting Information for Decision Making or similar coursework in Managerial and Financial Accounting

    4. FIN 320   Financial Management or similar coursework in Finance

  3. Minimum GMAT of 500. A GMAT waiver is available with a cumulative GPA of 3.25 or above and a 3.0 GPA in the business courses listed above. 

  4. Completed University of Maine graduate application.

USM students can declare intent to become an accelerated pathway student at any point prior to the second semester of the senior year. Students may formally apply to the University of Maine MaineMBA program no earlier than the first semester of their junior year and no later than the first semester of their senior year receive tentative admission. Students unable to complete all foundational requirements prior to applying to the MaineMBA will still be considered. In some cases, alternative modes of acquiring foundational skills (tutorials, etc.) will be permitted. Full admission to the MaineMBA will be granted upon successful completion of their USM undergraduate degree. Tentatively admitted students may begin graduate coursework in their senior year, schedule permitting. Up to six credits of graduate-level coursework (500 level or higher) completed for the MaineMBA with a grade of C- or better can be used to satisfy USM undergraduate degree requirements*.  

*Please note that graduate-level coursework completed with a grade of less than a B- will NOT be applied toward the graduate degree.
~MAT 210 is not required for any major in the USM School of Business. Students continuing into the MBA should take the course prior to graduation or plan on completing the foundational tutorial in statistics after they matriculate in the MBA. 


Graduate Degree Plan

University of Southern Maine students have the option to complete the MaineMBA (30 credit hours) or the MaineMBA with a concentration (33 credit hours). Students selecting the accounting concentration within the MaineMBA may have additional prerequisite coursework required. MaineMBA degree requirements include:

MaineMBA Core (24 credit hours):

·         BUA 601 - Strategic Data Analysis

·         MBA 609 - Financial Statement Analysis

·         MBA 626 - Management of Contemporary Organizations

·         MBA 637 - Global Supply Chain Management

·         MBA 651 - Financial Management

·         MBA 670 - Managerial Marketing

·         MBA 649 - Strategic Decision Making

·         BUA 680 - Foundations of Business Intelligence

Electives (6 - 9 credit hours):

●        For non-concentration students: 6 credit hours for the MaineMBA, via MBA Elective Courses

●        For concentration-seeking students: 9 credit hours, via Graduate Electives, as prescribed by the concentration requirements Note: Not all concentrations are available in all locations or modalities


Typical Accelerated Pathway Schedule

1.       Undergraduate Sophomore-Junior Year: Student meets with USM academic advisor and declares intent to be an accelerated pathway student. Student’s MaineStreet degree plan is updated by USM officials to show accelerated pathway status.

2.       Spring of Junior Year: Student submits UMaine graduate application materials and is formally admitted to the MaineMBA. Student’s MaineStreet degree plan is updated by UMaine officials to show dual-enrollment status.

3.       Fall of Senior year: Student begins receiving academic advising by their USM advisor and their MaineMBA advisor.

4.       Fall or Spring of Senior year: As space in their schedule allows, student may begin up to 3 credits per semester of MaineMBA courses alongside undergraduate coursework.

5.    Spring of Senior year: Student graduates from USM and continues exclusively with the MaineMBA. Financial aid, advising, student services, etc. switch to exclusively UMaine responsibility at this time.

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