May 20, 2024  
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog 
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Applied Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Certificate

The Certificate in Applied Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is designed to provide students and members of the professional community with geospatial technology skills. At all levels of the program, training focuses on the application of these skills in the workplace and in research environments. The certificate is open to undergraduates interested in developing GIS applications in their fields, those already holding degrees who are interested in developing GIS skills to apply to their own areas of expertise, or professionals interested in adding GIS to their lexicon of skills or retooling for a career change.

Program Requirements

The Certificate in Applied GIS consists of three required courses and one elective, totaling a minimum of 14 credit hours. All courses will be taught at USM. For matriculated students, some courses may be transferred from other campuses within the University of Maine system, as appropriate. For matriculated students, one course may be transferred from colleges outside the University of Maine System, on a case by case basis and as approved by USM faculty teaching that course.

In cases where students have already completed the listed course and with prior approval, alternate courses may be substituted for both requirements and electives to make up the minimum count of 14 undergraduate credits. There is a minimum residency requirement of 3 courses or 10 credit hours. Students must complete all courses with a C- or better. Geography-Anthropology majors in SCC and CNHM specializations may use only one course in the certificate toward their major requirements. Geography-Anthropology majors in the Applied GIS and Geospatial Analysis track are ineligible for the certificate. Majors in other programs should discuss similar restrictions with their advisors.

Required courses:


Take at least one of the following for a minimum total of 14 undergraduate credit hours:

These courses may either be taken alone, or some combination of the two for a total of three credits