Sep 23, 2023  
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Operations & Supply Chain Management Minor

The Operations and Supply Chain Management minor (15 credits) prepares students for careers in service operations, quality control, supply chain management, purchasing & procurement, and project management. Students are exposed to hands-on tools and techniques that find relevant applications in their field of work. The overall objective of this minor is to develop a systematic approach towards managing processes that produce the goods and services for firms in the challenging environment of global competition. Upon completion, students will be able to get employed at a wide-range of middle- to upper-level management jobs in a wide array of industries including manufacturing, health care, educational & other government organizations, airlines, restaurants, retail and logistical services.

Students who wish to pursue the minor must complete a minor declaration form available online on the USM Registration & Scheduling website. 

The requirements for admission to the minor are completion of at least 12 credits at USM with a grade point average of 2.33 or higher. 

School of Business majors may count up to two specified (see minor requirements) business core courses (6 credits) in both the Business Core and a Business minor. The remaining minor courses (9 credits) cannot double count in the minor and the business major courses or between two business minors. School of Business majors are allowed to declare more than one business minor.

Non School of Business students can only have one business minor.

Program Requirements

The operations & supply chain minor is 15 credits. A student may transfer into the operations & supply chain management minor up to six credit hours of acceptable courses. To complete the minor, students must earn at least a C- in 100/200 classes within the minor and at least a C in the 300/400 classes within the minor. Students are required to complete any prerequisites for the classes in the minor unless waived by the instructor.

Required classes (9 credits):

Plus choose 2 courses (6 credits) from the list: